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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vol Fans Sounds Off on Calipari and the Tigers (Must See Pictures)

Vols fans sound off on Calipari and the Tigers
December 8, 2006

It sure was fun watching the lowly University of Tennessee beat the (tar) out of the UofM thugs last night in college basketball. I was hoping for an 80-point margin for UT.

It is really hard to believe that the coaches and schools, much less the NCAA, continue to allow thugs to play college basketball. They even allow them to continue to play after pitching fits, running their mouths on the basketball court or being arrested for all sorts of crimes.

John Calipari cannot even keep his thugs' mouths shut during a basketball game. My suggestion to the UofM is start making their student athletes take the ACT exam to enter college. Maybe that would sort out the thugs from the players like Dane Bradshaw.

Gary Busby
Bartlett, TN

University of Memphis coach John Calipari doesn't respect the University of Tennessee, specifically it's basketball program. That's too bad. Fans in both cities turn out in droves for the games between the two schools. The games get national TV attention. But, Calipari would just as soon not play the Vols?

It's not as if Tennessee is no match. The Big Orange lead the series 11-7, including a dominating win Wednesday.

Calipari says Memphis is a "national program," insinuating the Vols are somehow not in the same league. Let's see, Memphis plays a Conference USA schedule that includes such Monsters of March as Marshall, Tulsa, Southern Miss, Rice and East Carolina. Yes, Memphis plays a few ranked opponents, but compare the competition. Tennessee (in addition to playing North Carolina, Oklahoma State and Texas) faces a powerhouse SEC schedule that includes national champ Florida, Kentucky, Alabama and LSU.

Coach Cal says Memphis recruits nationally and all he needs in Tennessee is Memphis. Coach Bruce Pearl knows about national recruiting. Tennessee's class from last year consists of Duke Crews (Virginia), Ramar Smith (Michigan), Wayne Chism (Tennessee), Marques Johnson (Indiana) and Josh Tabb (Illinois). Most all these players had their choice of top-ranked schools.

All this makes me wonder about the real reason Coach Calipari would rather not play Tennessee. Tennessee-Memphis is a good rivalry. Let's keep it going.

Chad Tindell
Knoxville, TN

Hey Coach Cal, now we all understand why you don't want to play Bruce Pearl and the Vols. We understand they are not a "national program" like Memphis. We also understand your games need to be televised for recruiting purposes. Although we hope no prospects watched Wednesday.

We also understand the real reason -- they kicked your butt, and you know Bruce will invade Memphis to recruit the top prospects you can't keep in state.

Ken Lomax
Covington, TN

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