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Saturday, December 30, 2006

So Readers, Who is Your Tiger MVP So Far This Season and Why?

I want to hear from some of you who are reading this blog. I'll give you my MVP in a few days, but first let's hear about your opinions.


Kimani said...

My definition of MVP is if the player was not on the team, the team would be more worse off than if any other single player was not on the team. That being said I couldn't settle on 1 guy. It's really a toss up between CDR & Jeremy Hunt.

CDR has been the most consistent offensive force on the team. Entering the season the big question was who would be the go-to-guy. Although I would not say he is definitely the go-to-guy, he is the top offensive weapon on the team. I would like to see him step it up even more in conference play, and it seems like he's heading down that road.

If I had a gun to my head, I'd probably pick Hunt as the MVP. He's the glue, the guy who plays like every game is his last. He is the most aggressive player on the offensive end which is huge at times when we get into a funk and no one seems to want to take a big shot.

That being said, there are so many guys on this team who haven't played up to their potential so far this season. Dozier, Dorsey, Kemp, Mack, and even Antonio Anderson offensively have shown flashes, but nothing where you can call them dependable.

I still like this squad and think its best basketball is ahead of them.

g said...

i'm not surprised that hunt and cdr are being mentioned. they are the top two scorers on this team, and scorers get attention in college basketball.

but memphis really doesn't have a mvp these days, and it is a good thing. everybody plays a part. everybody has a role. it's a team effort.

if you want to know who coach cal thinks are the mvps - look at the numbers. anderson and cdr are getting the most playing time.

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