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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post Game Quotes

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari
"I'm not real happy that we missed our last five or six shots, and they made their last five or six shots. But, we made our free throws, and we defended well. Against the zone, we did good stuff. We got the ball wherever we wanted to, and we were able to drive the ball. Defensively, we played some zone, and we played some trap down the side and did some different stuff. It was a pretty good effort."

"We had a lot of blocks and steals, and we pressed a little different today. We changed it up. We're going to try to press different against different teams. Jeremy Hunt was really good tonight, and I thought Robert Dozier was pretty good. I want Joey Dorsey to play as many minutes as he can and stay out of foul trouble. I just want him to play the game, and if he gets 31 or 32 minutes, then he's going to play that much."

Marshall Head Coach Ron Jirsa
"A good zone is a good defense, and it is tough stopping Memphis zone or man-to-man. We have played pretty good basketball, but not well enough to win the close games. We wanted to try to play a little better tonight, and I thought, in spurts, we played a little better against a very good team."

"Memphis took us out of a lot of things at the basket which I thought we could have made a difference. They blocked our shot eight times early in the game, and I thought that was a difference. They were also able to get the second-chance points and do a great job at the basket. Memphis is the best team we have played so far this season."

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