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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AP Story on Tank Beavers Murder

1 killed, 3 wounded in shooting at Huntsville restaurant

The Associated Press

HUNTSVILLE -- A man eating at a TGI Friday's restaurant pulled a gun and opened fire, killing one man and wounding three others, when he became angry at another customer for looking at his female companion, police said Monday.

Police said Jamal Roydrick Woods, 21, of Huntsville, was arrested early Monday in a vehicle and charged with murder in the death of Tanqueray "Tank" Lavonacheke Beavers, 21, a former standout basketball player at Athens High School.

Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said Woods was at a table with three friends around 9:10 p.m. Sunday when he became angry at another customer looking at his female companion.

"According to witnesses, Woods approached the man, asked him a question, then pulled out a gun and allegedly shot Beavers and three others," Johnson said in a statement.

The three people wounded in the shooting were identified as Thurston Duran Turner, 27, of Athens, Autora Frias Rogers, 21, of Athens, and William Timothy Reliford, 33, of Hazel Green.

Johnson said one was in critical condition but declined to identify which one.

He also said the restaurant was "well-occuppied" and that a customer who was not at the table Woods approached was among the wounded. He declined to identify the bystander.

Woods and the three friends who had been with him at a table fled the popular restaurant on University Drive, with the three friends tracked to a hotel by a Huntsville police dog-tracking team. Johnson said they were detained and questioned.

Hours later, Johnson said, Woods was found in a vehicle in south Huntsville, arrested and booked on a murder charge.

He said the investigation is continuing and additional charges could be filed.

The TGI Friday's restaurant did not immediately reopen. Amy Freshwater, a manager at the restaurant, said police asked her not to comment on the shooting.


Anonymous said...

well i been knowing woods now for about 6yrs know. and it really wasnt no shock to me about the shooting. but i will always love jamal but what he did was not right and deserve to be punished for his actions. i just pray for the family who lost their sove ones, and the foamily of the murder as well. i just hope god will haave mercy on his soul.

Anonymous said...

if theres any body out their who have read this note please write back.

Coach said...

I have read your comment and I agree it is a sad situation. I am sorry that Jamal took out his anger in such a way as to take the life of another person. It is very sad that people don't learn other methods to release their anger. In today's society, people do not seem to value human life. Now as a result several families are affected for many years to come.

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This is incredible how a man can get so mad because other saw his female companion, I think all men do the same because we love to see beautiful women.

Anonymous said...

The lady that Tank was speaking with was his COUSIN... Woods shot him everybody for no reason... was just family talking to family... awful