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Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Commentary on the Middle Tennessee State Game

Last night, I was able to watch the game tape on the Middle Tennessee State game from last Saturday. I was able to listen to the first half of the game live while I was driving last weekend, but watching the game film was considerably different than hearing the radio broadcast.

The radio broadcast (WREG AM 600, Dave Woloshin and Hank McDowell) came across much rosier than the reality of what I saw on the television. Yes, I thought the Tigers probably had one of their best games of the year. Just the 3 point shooting alone produced that. But, what sounded like a defensive thrashing looked less fierce on the television.

I was very excited about the mature play of both Willie Kemp and Donnell Mack. Both had their best games of their young careers. They were the big difference here.

Jeremy Hunt was again "Mr. Consistent". CDR recovered nicely from his flu game versus Arizona. I was very happy to see him hit two nice 3 point shots.

I thought Dozier, Anderson and Cooper were all pretty good. Cooper's low post moves are a delight after watching Dorsey. Don't get me wrong, I like Dorsey for blocks, rebounds and some junk baskets; but, as far as an offensive ability (and fast break dunks don't count), I'll take Cooper. The two of them compliment each other.

If you watched the Tigers last year, you saw them get bored during the conference schedule and begin playing just over the level of their competition. That is, of course, a worry for this team. No disrespect to MTSU and Lamar, but the Tigers are bigger, stronger, more talented and better than these guys.

I want to see Memphis win both halves of every game. If Cal is smart and properly motivating these guys they will view every game as four quarters and attempt to win all four quarters. That will help keep these guys sharp. It will help eliminate periods of lackluster lulls.

Memphis can only do so much to impress the NCAA committee. The best thing they can do is put teams away early and keep up the intensity the entire game.

Memphis' next goal should be to go undefeated in conference play. That will mean something to NCAA Selection Committee.

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