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Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Commentary on the Ole Miss Game

Ok, if you've been waiting on my comments on the Tennessee game, your going to have to wait a bit longer. I still haven't watched the tape and frankly from the part that I did see live, I don't have much desire to endure the pain again.

But, I do try to be an objective fan, so I will watch it and I'll comment. Thank God the Ole Miss game came so soon so I could start a new chapter on the season.

So, I thought the Tigers did bounce back with good energy. I'm sure the sting of what happened in Knoxville was (and still is) painful. Ole Miss isn't going to be a great help to the RPI though if Andy Kennedy continues his magic and Dwayne Curtis comes back strong, the Rebs could be .500 in the SEC West and their RPI will improve.

Cal obviously got sick and tired of Joey Dorsey's lack of consistency, personal foul tendancies and his MOUTH. All three were costly in Knoxville on Wednesday. Hence we saw Kareem Cooper for the first time this season. While Cooper's offensive was a bit questionable, I was pretty happy with 9 points and 7 boards. If anything it gave the defense another body to have to respond to which allows Dorsey or Dozier to sneak in for better position.

Anderson and Hunt had really solid games. Hunt seemed to hit big shots when the Tigers needed them.

As I have heard from fans over the past few days say, this team is not even close to last year's team. Noone seems to be the guy who is willing to put this team on their back and carry them through the tough moments in a game. Hunt is the closest. CDR is consistent, but I don't see the fire in him. Someone needs to be the guy who gets in your face and pumps you up. That isn't Cal's style and it doesn't seem to be his team's style either. Cal gets in your head not your face.

Ok, more later...................

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