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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Commentary on the Marshall Game

Ok, much better..........

It's not perfect, but a big improvement over Saturday's Manhattan game. Overall, I was really happy with the defense once again. The offense still is having some problems, but tonight the offensive lulls didn't kill the Tigers because the defense stayed solid. Even when the Tigers failed to score for long streches, they didn't give up long runs (I'll exclude the last 4 minutes when Marshall made up 10 points). As a matter of fact, I think the longest strech was in the beginning of the second half when Marshall scored 6 straight to cut the lead to 11.

So, let's analyze.........

Robert Dozier is developing into a soild post player. While I'm still not real excited that he has decided he also has 3 point range, I'll accept it as long as he limits it to one or two per game.

I wish he'd work with Joey Dorsey on developing those post moves because he looks really solid with the curl to the lane and the turn around 5 footers.

Speaking of Joey Dorsey, another solid performance. I was disappointed with the 2 of 7 FGs (he definitely needs to work more on developing those shots), but 3 of 4 from the line (ok, your right, he didn't call the banked free-throw so he only gets credit for 2 of 4). How about the defensive presence. 4 blocks, 4 steals and 9 defensive boards. And how about this - only 2 personals in 26 minutes.

Anderson had an off-night and poor Doneal Mack is determined to keep throwing them up until the go in (1 of 7 from 3 point).

I thought Willie Kemp was outstanding. 8 points on 3 of 8 (2 of 5 3's), 7 boards, 5 assists and only 1 turnover. Perhaps his best game of the season.

Jeremy was solid once again and hit two huge three point shots to close the first half. I thought that eight point rally was really important to move the lead to 17 and probably deflate Marshall who was gunning to cut the lead under 10 going into the break.

Andre Allen was better. I thought he didn't try to shoot too much tonight. While he was only 2 of 5, I only thought one of his shots was ill-advised. He missed a little 15 footer, but it was a good shot and he was open. Allen picked up 3 assists versus only 1 turnover and stole the ball twice. Overall, pretty solid. I'll give him a 6.5 on the night.

CDR, what can you say? This kid is consistent and has an uncanny ability to score around the bucket. 14 points on 5 of 10 FGs, 3 of 3 from the line, 6 boards, 3 assists and one steal. Very nice.

And, I save the best for last - 85% from the line. Yippee!!!! They didn't seem nervous at all at the charity stripe. That was encouraging going into Knoxville.

CDR and Anderson scored 21 of the teams 78 (26.9%)

Kemp and Allen collected 8 assists and committed only 2 turnovers (4 to 1 ratio - excellent).


Kimani said...

What do you guys think about the Tennessee game coming up? I think there are 3 keys. 1) Decision making of the point guards ... Tennessee brings the full court press, it will be imperative that kemp and allen keep the turnovers to a minimum and get the tigers in good position to either score off the press or run their offense. Nothing gets the crowd into the game more than forcing turnovers off the press.
2) Keeping Dozier & Dorsey on the floor. Will any of the backup big men (Niles, Cooper, Bailey) ever develop into solid contributors. Niles looked good against Purdue, but clearly has conditioning issues. If we can get him playing 10-12 quality minutes a night that would be huge.
3) Keeping track of the shooter. That would mean Chris Lofton. Who guards him? Must make his shot degree of difficulty go up, he is an assassin if he gets clean looks.

g said...

Tennesse is an interesting team. They have been playing eleven men, and seven of those are guards. They are vulnerable on the boards.

I think Bailey should start in place of Dorsey. Let Joey come in when the excitement has diminished, so he is less likely to pick up those cheap early fouls.

I think the same questions remain:

1) Can Memphis make its free throws,


2) What will the Tigers do when they face the half court zone,

and if they choose to attack the zone by launching 3's, will they make the shot?

Coach said...

George, you know Cal won't start Bailey even though I think your reasoning is sound.

1) I was pretty happy with Kemp over the past two games and Allen was fine last night. I can't fault either for making poor decisions as of late. Allen sometimes is quick with the trigger, but as far as moving the ball up the court and distributing the ball, I believe they are fine. Kemp is pretty mature for a freshman and he knows a lot about Tennessee considering they recruited him heavily. I don't think he'll get rattled there.

2) Foul trouble is the only real problem. If both can keep from reaching and leaving their feet on pump fakes, I think they get long, quality minutes.

3) Simple - Antonio Anderson will have to guard Lofton. He is the best Tiger defender. If he needs a break I'd go with Hunt.

I'm pretty confident for this one, but I have great respect for Bruce Pearl as a coach. Tennessee is very good dispite the early season setbacks.