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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Victory #1 or Subtitled Bailey 1, Jackson State 0

Well, it has finally arrived.

I started this blog after I watched Memphis lose to UCLA last Spring in the Oakland Regional Finals. I am entering my 29th season as a Tiger Fan - attending my first game at the age of nine.

So let's get to it.

Thoughts - Overall, games like this are a bit difficult to evaluate. I love the defensive intensity. And, I believe the Tigers will need the strong defense and the fast pace, fast break offense, because I see them struggling in a half court set.

I thought CDR was the key; however, Jeremy Hunt was the unsung hero - a very consistent quiet 16 points on 5 of 8 shooting including 3 of 5 from 3 point. Plus let's throw in 4 rebounds and 3 steals.

If your reading my blog on a consistent basis, you'll remember me saying I think CDR and Antonio Anderson need to average 30 points a game or 3/8th of the Tiger offense. In this game they had 33 points or 29.7% of the offense.

How about the point guard play - Andre Allen (sucks at the line) was ok with 5 assists and only 2 TOs in 14 minutes. I'll take those numbers from him. Willie Kemp was off from the field - only 2 of 13 (that stinks, but hey, first college game - I remember Penny Hardaway had a triple double in his first game against DePaul, unfortunately, 1/3rd of the triple was 10 TURNOVERS). Willie also had 5 assists and 2 TOs.

Are you kidding me? 10 assists and only 4 TOs from Allen and Kemp - that is a home run folks.

Joey Dorsey - Joey didn't seem to be hampered by the "Turf Toe", but Hank McDowell said he was estimated at 75%. I still see issues down the road with Joey - he can't buy a free throw (1 for 5) and he really has no offensive game outside of 2 feet (dunks and tip ins). Hey, Joey please practice a 5 footer and a 15 foot free throw.

Ok, Oklahoma on Monday. I'll be in New York for two days early next week, so my evaluations won't come until mid week.


g said...

yes, CDR and Hunt can provide some offense, and Allen and Kemp can protect the ball. i don't think we ever doubted those things.

and it's nice too if mack can hit the open threes.

but my concern at this point is that we are a little weak up front.

Jackson State didn't really present much of a challenge here.

sure Dozier and Dorsey can rebound against smaller foes,

but what happens when we play the taller trees?

if you look at the minutes played, Dozier (19) Dorsey (23) Niles (14) and Bailey (3) - the big men only gave us a little more than one position. (59 minutes)

you have to add the minutes CDR put in (24) to add up to two positions (83 minutes)

which means that CDR essentially played power forward for much of the game.

I think Dozier can handle defending most 4s, but can CDR do it too, and still provide the offensive firepower, against those bigger teams? Think Gonzaga.

Coach said...

I think we are seeing a version of Villanova last year. We are going to be playing three guards and someetimes maybe even four guards - but it is a little misleading since CDR and Antonio are 6-6. That is a nice size small forward.

g said...

and in last night's game it was dozier and four guards. but what happens when we play a team like gonzaga, where we might see heytvelt (6-11) and mallon (6-9) on the floor at the same time. cal really needs to be able to play two maybe three bigs, when necessary.