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Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Summary of Memphis vs Oklahoma

Yeah, I know. I'm a bit hehind, but the holiday season is a busy time and I've got little kids to worry with. Anyway, I didn't watch the game film until early this morning (I woke up at 4 am and couldn't sleep).

Well, I thought it was an ugly, ugly game. Considering Robert Dozier offensively was pretty accurate, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I think he had all five of turnovers in the first half. Memphis had like 14 turnovers in the first half, but amazingly shot 48% versus OU's 29% to take a seven point lead at half time. SEVEN OF FOURTEEN from the free throw line in the first half. That is awlful.

Anyway, I thought Willie Kemp looked pretty solid, but a little bit out of control in the first half. I was fairly happy with Andre Allen's play.

Now the second half was much, much better. The Tigers came out and hit two 3 pointers right out of the gate to seize the game. Even though the final tally was 12 points it seemed like an 18 point margin much of the second half. Even when OU made a 9-0 rally, the Tigers has great poise.

I think the Tigers went about 8 minutes before committing a TO in the second half, while their shooting was solid.

Pierre Niles and Joey Dorsey were solid enough (4 for 8 FGs, 12 boards, 8 personal fouls), though both committed a dumb foul each chasing an OU man 25 feet from the basket. You'd think Joey would know better as a junior.

While the team free throws were sickening, you can't really fault Joey Dorsey (6 of 8) or Andre Allen (5 of 8) - the usual suspects. Go figure? Robert Dozier 1 of 4?

So here is my evaluation formula for the intangibles. I score -1.0 for turnovers, -0.5 for personal fouls, +1.0 for assists and steals, and +0.5 for blocks.

The Tigers scored a -6.5 while the Sooners got a -22.0

CRD and Anderson scored 17 points (22.1% of total) on 6 of 15 shooting.

The point guards (Kemp and Allen) got 5 assists and 3 turnovers (1.67 ratio)

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