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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Students Accuse U of M Campus Police of Not Following Through with Charges Against Hashim Bailey and Joey Dorsey

Students Say Campus Police Not Helping In U of M Player Assault Investigation

Posted: 10/31/2006 10:15:25 PM

Two University of Memphis students say they are getting the run-around from campus police. The girls filed assault charges against two star Tigers basketball players.

The students say players Joey Dorsey and Hashim Bailey doused them with water, threatened them, and tried to run them over with a car.

University officials tell Eyewitness News that there are two investigations. One is being conducted by the University, and the other is being conducted by Memphis police. They say both investigations are progressing.

But the students say campus police tried to tell them they could not file assault charges against the players. And they claim campus police are trying to block the investigation.

"He said you're not going to be able to file assault for them throwing water. He said that's not assault. So you're saying I can just walk up to somebody on the street and throw water on them?" asked University of Memphis senior Christina Peterson.

Peterson says she is "floored" by what she says U of M investigator Kevin Langelier told her after she says she and friends were doused with water, verbally threatened, and almost run over by a car driven by Hashim Bailey. Joey Dorsey was also in the car.

"It makes me upset because they can do what they want to do and nobody is going to do anything about it," Peterson said.

Peterson says that fact is clear based on how the investigation into Dorsey and Bailey's actions is being handled by University police.

Describing what happened, Peterson said, "We went down to 201 (County Jail) to swear out a warrant. He went into the courtroom with the judge before I got there. They made me wait outside. Then when I go in there to the judge it's not a warrant anymore it's a summons."

Peterson believes that happened because campus police didn't put all the facts in the report that was filed with Mempihs police. When you compare Peterson's statement to what's written in the police report, there are facts missing.

In her statement, Peterson describes the last minutes of the attack when the players tried to run.

She said, "I gathered the license information and the driver of the car (Bailey) swerved his car to the left to try to hit me. I dodged his car and he turned left."

Eyewitness News went with Christina Peterson and Adia Corbin as they tried to re-file charges. While they were helpful, Memphis police said the case would have to go back to the University Police Department because it's their case. That means justice for Peterson and her friends may be a long way off.

"I shouldn't have to be worried about who's going to come up here and assault me or threaten my life 'cause I'm not even from here. I'm not okay with that so maybe it's okay in Memphis but where I'm from it's not okay," Peterson said.

Eyewitness News tried several times to get University of Memphis officials to comment on the case, but our requests were refused.

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