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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Review of Cal's Interview on WHBQ 560 Radio Today

Cal was on with George Lapides and Jeff Caulkins on WHBQ 560 radio this morning. There were a couple of interesting comments made by the coach.

1) He stressed he wished the Tigers has already played a game. Many D1 programs have already played 2 or 3 games. The Tigers will only have 1 game under their belt when they start the Maui Classic on Monday.

2) Cal said that there is a greater separation between the "old" guys and the "new" guys this year. He noted that this year's new players are true freshman with the exception of Pierre Niles. Last year's crop of Freshman all had played a year of prep school ball except CDR. As such, I believe Cal thinks he will have play more minutes with Antonio, CDR, Dozier and Dorsey than he would like.

3) Cal praised Willie Kemp as a "great" all around kid, who is very coachable and always does what is asked of him. He also noted that Willie is probably shooting the ball better than everyone else on the team.

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