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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quotes From Cal and LeMoyne-Owen Coach Smokey Gaines

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari

"Pierre Niles starts practicing tomorrow. I want to get him minutes in Monday's game. He won't play too much, but I want to get him and Joey rotating in and out, and use him as the third big man."

"I'm disappointed that they played zone against us the whole game. These exhibition games we try to get better, and I wanted my young guys to get in motion. They played man-to-man twice. I can understand why you play zone, but I had to throw the ball into the post every time. We didn't have to get our young guys thinking too much."

"There was a lot of good stuff. It was a little bit disappointing. I wanted to see some man-to-man a little more."

LeMoyne-Owen Head Coach Smokey Gaines

"It's a lot of exposure for us. When we get into our league, we won't see anywhere near that level of play. That's a fast-playing team out there."

"Cal does a good job with these kids. He typifies what a good coach should do. Once he started getting good players here, their success kept continuing."

"This has been a good way to get some exposure for us. We're trying to build a tradition at LeMoyne-Owen, and these games are good ways for us to build for the future."


g said...

ever since the UMass-Temple rivalries, and maybe even before, Coach Cal has hated the zone. he doesn't teach it. he doesn't play it. i don't think he even wants to practice against it.

too bad. that's what he's going to see this year. imagine what the team could do if they developed a plan. if they actually had plays to run against the zone. if they actually practiced it, and got good at it.

what if they welcomed the zone? if it became a kind of trap for the opponent. go ahead, play the zone, we're ready for it.

Coach said...

You are exactly correct.

If you saw the Texas game (LOSS) last year, it was classic case. Cal your going to see the zone. Please be prepared.

Last year several critics hit the Tigers hard on their 3 point shooting frequency - of course, there is no criticism if your hitting those threes.

So lets hope they one, practice playing against a zone, and two, spend hours in the gym shooting 3's. I suspect they'll need both skills.