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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Commentary on the Arkansas State Game

Overall a nice game following Maui.

The Tigers did not show any signs of rust considering they haven't played in a week. ASU stayed in the game for the first ten minutes, but that was more a fact of their lights out shooting early (about 64%). The Tigers began to pull away a bit later in the half as the defense started limiting good shots for ASU and Antonio Anderson picked up the offensive output.

Excellent defensive intensity the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half. It shows a bit of helter skelter, but it works and the other team just doesn't know what hits them.

Andre Allen provided a nice boost with his energy. He missed two lay ups in the second half, but they provided highlights with Joey Dorsey follow up slam dunks. Joey again was disqualified from a game, but he really caught a tough break on the double technical. On replay, I don't think the official should have T'd up Joey who turned to face the ASU player but walked away dispite getting clothes lined. Joey's free throw form looks vastly improved. His season numbers are only just above 50% (he was 2 of 4 tonight), but I predict he'll move that to near 60% for the season based on this form.

Great game for Antonio Anderson. I think he needed a game like this to establish his offensive leadership position along with CDR. Besides the 17 points, he collected 5 assists and no turnovers. Also 80% from the line. Nice.

Jeremy Hunt did it again. Check out these stats - 6 of 9 FGs, 1 of 4 3's, 2 of 2 FTs, 5 boards, 2 assists and 2 steals in 21 minutes. He is the silent assassin.

The long range shot wasn't there tonight, but the stats are a bit skewed. The numbers show 4 of 25, but about six of those shots came in the last six minutes with Mack, Willis and Hunt taking some target practice in an AAU game.

Some nice numbers tonight.

16 assists, only 13 turnovers
forced 25 turnovers
with 15 steals
+5 rebound margin (maybe a bit too low considering the talent difference down low)
4 blocks

25 points for Anderson and CDR (25 of 86 - 29.1%)
Kemp and Allen (3 of 14 FGs Yuck!!!, 4 assists, 6 turnovers (not so good)

Intangibles formula

Tigers +10
Indians -12


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the biggest concern so far has to be rebounding. We were a dominant rebounding team last year, but without Shawne Williams (only big rebounder gone) things have slipped. This team will need Dorsey to step his game up to beat teams with legit inside games. That means no silly fouls, staying on the floor and getting the big man some touches within the offensive flow. Right now Dorsey is a garbage man who gets points off putbacks and the occasional open look via a nice pass or fastbreak. He needs to post up, get position and work on his limited offensive arsenal. At the very least it will open things up for easy outside looks.

Overall the team looks good though, you've got to love the leadership and unselfishness of Buckets & AA.

g said...

i agree with anonymous that rebounding is a concern and that we lost a big and activity presence in the paint when Shawn Williams left.

but i don't think joey has the skills to pick up and accomplish any more of the low post moves you might expect of your big man. he could step up the rebounding. and maybe he could avoid some of the cheap fouls.

kareem might be a help if his attitude improves, but the tigers we probably have to wait until Shawn Taggert arrives to see low post offensive productivity again.

incidently, i don't see how the team showing against arkansas state means anything with Isaac Wells not in the game.

Coach said...

I tend to agree. The reason we rarely see post moves from Joey Dorsey is that he doesn't have that kind of game. At the same time it baffles me that Joey hasn't developed something there over the past two seasons. If I had his physical skills, I'd spend the off season creating one or two moves - a baby hook, an 8 footer, something.

Joey has no chance to go to the next level without developing something more offensively. Superman body not withstanding.

g said...

yes it baffles me too. but coach cal was a guard himself, in college, and his number two man kellog, was of course also a guard.

and in general cal has always had a "guard oriented" offense in mind.

he just doesn't recruit big, solid, low post type players, and only requires his big men to rebound. rebound and putback.

but still, why doesn't cal have, on staff, or in consultation, somebody who can show his big men the moves?

Coach said...

There have been some big men who learned and flurished under Cal - think Marcus Camby at UMass and to a lesser degree Kelly Wise at Memphis.

g said...

but Camby and Wise did not really post up, and play with their backs to the basket. in fact, i remember watching Camby try to guard Bryant Reeves in the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight, in East Rutherford, NJ, when UMass ended it's 1994-5 season. I think, after that game, Cal realized he would have to recruit some brutes to defend, but he has never really liked to recruit the back-to-the basket low post player.




g said...

the link to the photo

Coach said...

Ahhh....... Big Country.........the worst trade ever in the history of the Vancouver Grizzlies.

I see your point. Camby was certainly not a post up type of player.

Earl Barron did develop that little baby hook from a post up, but he was so thin, I could probably push him out of the lane.