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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Internet Comments on Rose, Future Backcourt and the Recruitment of Herb Pope

Post from arudefish on

There was a genuine confidence coming from people that seemed to indicate that Rose was headed for Memphis, but Rose's visit to Illinois plus a big push late by Sampson made it somewhat uncertain.

This sets Memphis up to have three very talented PGs on their 2007-08 roster. It will be interesting to see how that works, but there's no doubt that Rose & Kemp are going to spend a bunch of time on the court together.

Rumor has it that Calipari is also making a late push for Herb Pope, a guy who could be a difference maker in the post for just about anybody, but also a guy about whom there are major character questions. Maryland seems to be the current frontrunner for Pope now, but today's Rose commit for Memphis provides some bait to lure Pope. I'd almost rather do without the endless character questions (we have enough of that in Memphis, whether real, perceived, or a little of both), but top-notch low block scorers are hard to come by.

Regardless, the Rose commit is definitely great news for Memphis, and sets up the Tigers to field a very special backcourt in '07-'08.

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