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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From MemphisRoar - Mythbusters: Truths About the Coaching Search

Mythbusters: Truths About the Coaching Search
Posted by MemphisRoar
On April - 15 - 2009

With all of the reports coming out today about potential candidates for Josh Pastner’s staff, it is important that you separate the truth from speculation.

So, what’s the real deal? What’s really going on? And what does it mean for possible players, etc? Before we dive into the myths behind the potential hires, let’s clear up the truth in these reports.

Dan Wolken’s report is spot on and is the best summary of what is going on in the coaching search at this point in time. All bases are covered. Willis Wilson’s interview went extremely well yesterday but no official decision has been made up to this point. It is very likely that Wilson will fill the role of the X’s-and-O’s position on Pastner’s staff.

Also, Glynn Cyprien’s name is one that had been floating around since the end of last week but we were asked to not to put it out at that time. But yes, it is VERY likely that Cyprien would fill a second spot on Pastner’s staff. He came in yesterday afternoon to interview with Pastner after Wilson’s interview. From Dan’s summary and our point of view, it is still very up in the air as to who may fill the third position. Both Dan and Gary Parrish mention Jack Murphy of the Denver Nuggets.

The Director of Basketball Operations position would likely be filled by one of Eisele or Greg Heiar from Chipola Junior College. According to our sources, there is definitely mutual interest from both sides between Pastner and Heiar and that it is likely that Heiar will be in Memphis this Thursday or Friday to sit down with Pastner about the available positions.

From Kristin’s Talent (Fox 13 Memphis) report on My Fox Memphis, you have to weed out some information that may steer you in the wrong direction. At this point, Ulric Mailgi is not a major player in this. Mailgi has some connection with previously signed recruit Nolan Dennis, but it is unlikely that the search will come down to his spot on the list. In addition, Matt Eisele has not turned down the job, according to our sources. What is important to clarify right here, though, is that we are not saying that he would be offered at this point or take it if offered.


Glen Cyprien being hired would put Memphis in the driver’s seat for Daniel Orton.

This is far from a given. Please do not over-excite yourself into thinking that this would happen.


If Greg Heiar is hired, Memphis would benefit from players following Heiar from Chipola to Memphis.

There is a very good possibility that this could happen. From our sources, there are at least four players on Chipola’s current roster that would be termed as “no brainers” to potentially follow Heiar. There is still a lot of work to do to bring in Heiar (who is currently being courted by several programs at this time), but if it happens this myth is likely to avoid the BUSTED category. We’ll leave the speculation over the names of potential tag-alongs up to you guys.

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