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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dan Wolken - Don’t freak out about assistant coaches

Don’t freak out about assistant coaches
Posted by Dan Wolken

OK, it’s Sunday and new Memphis coach Josh Pastner is still a one-man show.

Don’t freak out, Tiger fans. Pastner is going to get assistants, and I imagine we’ll start hearing some solid stuff this week. But a couple things to remember:

- Pastner is starting from scratch, which is way more complex than an established head coach being able to take his staff with him to a new job.

- He’s a diligent guy who is going to think out everything and not make rash decisions.

- Perhaps one reason why he doesn’t have anyone hired yet is that he’s going after some really good people who are in good situations, so he’s waiting to hear from them before moving down the list.

- There have definitely been talks with Matt Eisele of Miami-Dade college, but don’t expect that to happen right away. After all, the main connection with Eisele is the two Miami-Dade players, Darnell Dodson and Will Coleman. Now, let me ask you? At this moment (and for the next few weeks), is Eisele more helpful in that regard in Miami or in Memphis?

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