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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dan Wolken - Astounded by the fans’ crush on Reggie Theus

Astounded by the fans’ crush on Reggie Theus
Posted by Dan Wolken

The Memphis message boards and comments sections have been lit up with talk of Reggie Theus. I am somewhat baffled by this. Theus coached in college for two years at New Mexico State. His second year, he went 25-9 with an NCAA bid (it didn’t hurt that the conference tournament was on New Mexico State’s home floor that year). New Mexico State had three top-50 wins that year — against Nevada, and twice over Utah State, all at home. In his first year, Theus went 15-14. He didn’t stay long enough to prove whether he could recruit or not. He brought in some talented kids (albeit with big off-court problems) like Martin Iti and Herb Pope that other schools wouldn’t touch, but that wouldn’t give me a ton of confidence in his ability to recruit to Memphis.

This year alone, Scott Drew beat Providence, Arizona State, Washington State, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Kansas, Texas, Georgetown and Virginia Tech. He signed a top-50 and two top-150 players for 2009, a top-50 and a top-100 player in 2008, a top-50 player in 2007 and three top-100 players in 2006.

Head-to-head, this is no comparison.


Memphis Kat said...

Since I have either heard or read you trash almost every possible candidate for the Memphis job, I was wondering, who do you think they should talk to?

Coach said...

I assume your referring to Dan Wolken and not actually me, Coach.

If your read the Commercial Appeal today, Sunday, April 5, the latest names are Leonard Hamilton of Miami and still Reggie Theus. More minor candidates appear to be Joe Pasternack, current Cal assistant and Derek Kellogg of UMass.

Someone I personally think they should consider is Fran McCaffrey at Siena.

Anonymous said...

Scott Drew was 5-11 in his conf this year.

I want him for my coach. And Waco (WACKO) is just the place one wants their coach to com from. 5 stop lights.