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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Chat with ESPN Radio's Doug Gottlieb - On DeMarcus Cousins, Sean Miller and Scott Drew

Chat with ESPN Radio's Doug Gottlieb

Friday, April 3

vay dallas tx: Doug.. how likely is it that Calipari's recruits follow him to kentucky?

Doug Gottlieb: I think it's likely that DeMarcus Cousins follows him. At best a 50-50 shot that Xavier Henry follows him. Henry's brother went to Memphis early to play with Xav. I would guess, through the people I've talked to, that it didn't go over so well that Cal jumped to Kentucky and left CJ Henry behind. Plus, Xavier probably looks at Kentucky and thinks Jodie Meeks might stay, so I'd have to share the wealth of the shots.

matt, Tn [via mobile]: what do you think about sean miller of xavier as calipari's replacement at memphis

Doug Gottlieb: If I were Sean Miller, I would take the Arizona job ahead of the Memphis job. While Memphis could pay as much or more, I think Arizona is a better job. I know growing up in LA, it's always been Guard U. With all the talent in Phoenix, Vegas, Seattle, LA and Texas that have all been funneled to Tucson. It's a better, more glamorous gig. Better chance of being successful. You're not following Lute Olson. You're following interim coach. Memphis you have to live up to winning 30 games.

virgil memphis tn [via mobile]: will the memphis basketball program ever be a national contender again after losing coach cal

Doug Gottlieb: If they hire the right guy, yeah. It's going to have to be rebuilt and reinvented. I think Scott Drew would be a great hire at either Arizona or Memphis. He's a tremendous recruiter. His team's play a fun style. He's a rebuilder. He fits the profile. I think he deserves a look, especially for Memphis.

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