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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Chat with ESPN's Andy Katz - On Reggie Theus, DeMarcus Cousins, Bruce Pearl

Chat with ESPN's Andy Katz

Thursday, Apirl 2

Freddy (Los Angeles) [via mobile]: Is Reggie Theus a good fit for Memphis?

Andy Katz: I think he is but obviously Bruce Pearl isthe first choice. I do think Theus did remarkable things in a brief tenure at NMSU. But I don't know if he's going to get a shot. He can recruit. He is a solid coach and has the personality to work in Memphis.

john Louisville Kentucky [via mobile]: Do you think calapari will bring any of the top recruits with him? If so which ones?

Andy Katz: My prediction is that DeMarcus Cousins is the one that follows him. I'm not sure on the others.

memphistiger: Memphis, tn [via mobile]: I hear we just offered Bruce pearl 7 years 21 million. What do you think the chances of him coming to Memphis are? He is third man on campus behind kiffin and summit

Andy Katz: it will be a tough call. it's a lot of cash. Tennessee is higher profile and in a better league. But he can win more games at Memphis and be the No. 1 face of the program. It will be a tough call.

Tim (Athens): Reggie Theus- better actor or coach?

Andy Katz: Not even close.

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