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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dan Wolken - No smokescreen, just embarrassment

No smokescreen, just embarrassment

Posted by Dan Wolken

Today was a very, very bad day for the Memphis coach search.

Here is why Scott Drew is not the Memphis coach right now, according to sources close to the negotiations.

Drew had an initial conversation with R.C. Johnson on Friday night. On Saturday, another conversation took place. The outline of a contract was discussed. Alan Graf, who was in communication with Drew throughout the day, kept telling Drew that he was the No. 1 guy and that Memphis was ready to get a deal done. Johnson, on the other hand, was sending different signals: “Hemming and hawing,” according to a source.

Meanwhile, Drew was under pressure from his athletic director, recruits and players who were calling to find out what was happening and whether he was going to Memphis. How could he be totally sure whether he was the No. 1 guy or not when the AD was “hemming and hawing?” Finally, Drew had enough and pulled out of the search. After he pulled out, Johnson made multiple attempts to call him back. But by then, it was done.

Whether you were in favor or against hiring Scott Drew at Memphis, this is not a coaching search running smoothly right now. In fact, its performance today appeared to be dysfunctional.

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