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Thursday, March 08, 2007

From the Blog of Randy Malone, Memphis Sport Magazine : "Seed In Doubt"

Seed In Doubt
By Randy Malone, Editorial Director for Memphis Sport Magazine

March 06, 2007
This morning, I saw where somebody had taken 30 different college basketball polls - computer and human voter generated - and compiled them into one Mega Poll. Just so you know, the University of Memphis came in 7th in the Mega Poll. For those of you who live for the week leading up to Selection Sunday, that probably means something. It probably means that Memphis is in line for a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Unless, of course, they're in line for a #3 seed.

Now, stop and consider something: there are actually 30...THIRTY...different college basketball polls out there to pull from. Probably more. There's the AP poll, the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll, the Sagarin ranking, the CollegeRPI ranking, the CBSSportsline Top 26, and the list goes on and on and on. If this keeps up, Congress is going to have to enact the Federal College Basketball Ranking Regulations Act. Thirty polls? That's about 29 too many, don't you think?

Thank God, college basketball has the NCAA Tournament to determine its national champion. Where the champion is actually settled on the court instead of on some Internet geek's personal computer. And, as far as where the University of Memphis will be seeded on Sunday, who really cares? Somebody's gonna win six games and take the crown...might as well be the Tigers.


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