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Friday, March 23, 2007

is Memphis Good Enough For You Yet?

Is Memphis Good Enough for You Yet?

Posted Mar 23rd 2007 4:02AM by mjd

If you doubted Memphis heading into the tournament, I really couldn't blame you. Their biggest wins this season were over Gonzaga, Marshall, Fairmont Senior High School, the New York Liberty, the Marathon Oil, the Donkey Punchers (Memphis University intramural league champions), a team of local Best Buy employees, the cast of King of Queens, and Girl Scout Troop #46.

So sure, their schedule left them open for questioning. I had those questions, too. But I think they've been answered now. Last round, they throttled a very good Nevada team, and last night, they beat one of the best teams in the country in Texas A&M, with one of the most clutch players in the country in Acie Law.

How's that? Does that do it for you?

Not that it's something the Tigers themselves should have ever been worried about, but the previously-questioned 2-seed now seems perfectly justified. Yes, Conference USA was pathetically weak, but yes, 31-3 also means something.

Memphis might've gotten to the tournament by mowing through pansies, but they didn't get to the Elite Eight for any other reason than they're an exceptionally talented and athletic team. Up next for them in the 1-seed, Ohio State, where I suspect that the Tigers will prove their worth even further.

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