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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog From David Rubio On Tigers In the National Spotlight

Our Tiger Bloggers will give us their thoughts throughout the University of Memphis' run through the NCAA Tournament

From David Rubio, Franklin, Tenn.:

I am a sports talk guy. Whether it's radio, TV, or water cooler scuttlebutt - I LOVE hearing pundits, talking heads, & average fans talking sports: from nonsensical absurdities to logical arguments - it's all fun to hear.

That's why I love the days leading up to the sweet 16.

Remember last year? After dismantling ORU & Bucknell, ALL the talk was that we STILL hadn't played anybody, couldn't stop Bradley's big man & would be the first 1-seed to lose, etc. It was maddening: HOW can these idiots be picking Bradley? Have they even watched our team play? Aren't they aware that we have more Basketball talent on our bench than there is in the entire city of Peoria, Illinois?

And yet, it was AWESOME! Day after day, America was talking about the Memphis Tigers. I LOVED it.

And here we are the Sweet 16

Four more glorious days of: "Who has MEMPHIS played?"..."Nevada wasn't that good to begin with!"..."MEMPHIS got a lucky draw!"...and..."A&M is gonna destroy MEMPHIS!"

Four more days of talk radio hosts trying to explain away our depth...our athleticism...our smarts...our teamwork...our season long, single-mindedness...and our 24 game winning streak.

Four days of A&M players hearing the wrong messages: It's a home game...Memphis' top scorer is hurt...the CUSA is weaker than one is more dangerous in college basketball than Acie Law IV...

Four days of Memphis players hearing the right messages: You're overrated...the streak ends at 24...Let's see how they handle a team from a REAL conference...You can't do it...

Four more amazing days filled with college basketball fans & experts across the nation talking about our magical Memphis Tigers.

And, in case the guys are reading - four more days to visualize those free throws!

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