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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog From Erik Henninger "Is America Starting to Get the Picture?"

Our Tiger Bloggers will give us their thoughts throughout the University of Memphis' run through the NCAA Tournament

From Erik Henninger, Birmingham:

Is America starting to get the picture?

Memphis just blasted a team with an RPI in the low 20s by 16 points. And they did it with a complete game: points in the paint, point from the arc, and the free throw line. They spread the ball around, they pushed when it needed to be pushed and slowed it down time was on their side. They stayed out of foul trouble, but they still managed to force turnovers. It’s was complete, with the exception of one minor detail.

Most amazing fact: Memphis has shot 39.7% from the field for the tournament and won by a combined 31 points.

Will the media get behind this team? Is playing like an NBA team really what we want? Can CDR really recover that fast? Could San Antonio be worse than Oakland?

These are the thoughts wandering through my head as I countdown to Thursday night…

I’ll be visualizing a win.

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