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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seth Davis, Open Up ...... Here Comes a Big Helping of Crow

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Seth Davis, open up -- here comes a big helping of crow!
When the CBS commentators were discussing the upcoming second round basketball games this morning, that self-important twit Seth Davis said (paraphrased) "Memphis is going DOWN!" against the Nevada Wolfpack.

Well, I hope he'd tying a napkin around his neck right now 'cause the Memphis Tigers are serving him up a big heap of crow.

We won! We won!!! Memphis beat Nevada 78 - 62 to advance to the Sweet Sixteen!!! Yay!

It wasn't the best performance by either team, and Nevada *really* self-destructed there toward the end. Memphis, on the other hand, was phenomenal at the free-throw line, which is quite a difference from their usual performance.

The win is rather bittersweet though -- leading scorer Chris Douglas-Roberts turned his ankle and is said to have a "moderate ankle sprain." I just wonder if he'll make it back for the match-up against Texas A&M. If he doesn't, we'll be hurting.

Lots to celebrate tonight though! Three Tennessee teams get to keep dancing a little longer. :)

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