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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Hope You've Had Time To Read My Season Recap Because It Is Time To Move On

Let's see Ohio State and Florida in a double rematch - the Gators won the football version and they won an early season basketball matchup. I'm pulling for Ohio State since they beat Memphis and I really like this team. Ron Lewis is a stud and Oden/Conley are like the Michigan Fab Five - freshman with great poise.

Ok, so Calipari says he wasn't interested in the Kentucky job. He signs a contract extension and tonight there are stories that AD RC Johnson has given the University of Arkansas permission to talk with Cal.

Well, you heard it here first - no need to worry. Cal is in Atlanta and Frank Broyles will probably search him out tomorrow or Monday before the Championship game, but Arkansas will be spurned by Cal. If Cal is leaving Memphis (and it won't be until CDR, Dozier and Anderson graduate at the earliest) he is going to a Top 10 program and Arkansas is not Top 10 - sorry Hog fans. Cal could have gone to Kentucky, settling for Fayetteville makes zero sense.

I expect to hear that Cal has said he is not interested no later than Tuesday.

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