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Monday, February 26, 2007

Quotes From Cal and Tom Penders

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari

"We played alright. They were coming in with high energy. We knew they would. They made a couple of shots, and we made a couple of errors defensively to keep them around. They shoot a lot of three-pointers, and they're going to make some. We made our run, and I thought Andre (Allen) had a heck of thing to change the complexion of the game. I thought Doneal Mack was terrific. Chris Douglas-Roberts did what he does. They couldn't guard him."

"What I think we showed a lot of people is, `My gosh they do have post play.' We need to get Kareem (Cooper) going a little bit. I just told him after the game, `I'm going to play you four minutes whether you make seven errors. I'm just going to leave you in.' I think he's better then he is playing, so maybe he is afraid that I'm going to take him out. Joey (Dorsey) dropped stepped. He got into the lane. He played strong. We didn't shoot it particularly well."

Houston Head Coach Tom Penders

"We needed more of our guys to step up today. We had to have more than one guy show up. On the offensive end, we thought we could hold our own on the backboard, but we had to have more than one guy show up offensively. Robert Lee played a very good game."

"We were trying to not give Memphis any backdoor cuts and to make it difficult for them to make threes. They hurt us in transition."

"You can't let them break you down off the dribble. I thought we did a pretty good job from start to finish on that, but they're going to still make their shots. Memphis is a good team, and they take advantage of mistakes and capitalize."

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