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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Commentary on the SMU Game

I know, I haven't had a commentary in quite some time. I've been traveling a ton and haven't had time to even watch the games, much less write a commentary. I was able to attend the SMU game live (albeit with my 7 and 5 year old daughters).

I was very impressed with the Tigers' defensive work, very crisp passing around the floor to the open man and the general command of the game. We arrived with the score about 15 to 12 Tigers (of course we had to get snow cones and dipping dots prior to sitting down). SMU stayed in the game for about 4 more minutes then the separation started.

SMU's defense on three point shots was not very good, but much of that was because the Tigers did a fine job rotating the ball around the horn or going cross court to the open man. But all of that goes for nothing if the Tigers miss the shots. Doneal Mack was fabulous adn you can just see his confidence level increasing every game.

While Joey Dorsey's offensive production was down from the Central Florida game (of which I've only watched about five minutes of so far), heis defensive and hustle was strong.

CDR was outstanding. SMU's players just could keep up with Chris on his cuts to the basket. At one point, Matt Doherty jumped up off the bench in disgust after CDR has just scored on back to back baskets. He quickly jerked out the defensive player and attempted to substitute someone who could defend CDR.

CDR's size appears to cause match up difficulties. He is 6-6, but plays much faster than a typical college 3 man. He is more like a small guard with long arms.

I plan on attending the Tulane game on Saturday night, so hopefully I can add some valuable analysis on Sunday afternoon.

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