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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quotes from Cal and SMU's Matt Doherty

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari

"If we're making threes the way we did today, we can beat you by a bunch. So when you come out and make the threes that we made, we're going to beat you by a bunch."

"I like our zone offense. We got it inside. We drove the ball. Chris Douglas-Roberts was unbelievable in the first half. I thought Antonio (Anderson) played well in the second half. Joey (Dorsey) basically played how he has played. Willie Kemp and Andre Allen had 12 assists and one turnover between them. Both of them played well, so now your team is being run with a high assist and low turnover ratio. We had 25 assists to 12 turnovers."

"I backed up the press, and I'll tell you why I waited. I'm worried about my team. I know we didn't need to press, but I'm worried about us and our intensity. When we backed off, I think we did pretty well in the halfcourt. Joey and Kareem (Cooper) did fine. That was a good effort."

SMU Head Coach Matt Doherty

"Our game plan was to attack the zone and to not let them have dribble penetration. Memphis is not considered a great three-point shooting team, but they shot 60 percent for the game at the three-point line. Once they started shooting that well from the three-point line, our game plan fell apart."

"On the offensive end we only had 12 turnovers, and I thought we handled the press pretty well. When they get into the halfcourt, they're long and quick. It was tough for us to get free looks. I give Memphis credit; they're a talented team."

"When Hunt goes 3-of-5 from the three-point line and (Doneal) Mack goes 5-of-5 and (Willie) Kemp 3-of-6, that's really tough on us. They're the most talented team we've faced. They got in a rhythm, and it was tough to get them out of that rhythm -- especially when you go out there and they put four guards on the court that are extremely quick. They open up the floor and drive you."

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