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Monday, January 29, 2007

Quotes From Cal and Southern Miss Coach Larry Eustachy

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari

"I would tell you again that Larry (Eustachy) is doing a heck of a job. Those guys fought like crazy. His guys made plays. But I'm going to tell you we had three guys on our team who are up for games like this. We need games like this, even at home. If the other team is playing harder with more desire, we'll lose."

"The other reason is, in a close game, who will make plays? Who made plays today? Jeremy Hunt made two shots. Who else made it? Andre Allen made a big shot, and then Chris (Douglas-Roberts) came over and said, `Coach, ride me for awhile.' So what did we do? Whenever a player says that to me, I ride them. We just gave it to him and gave it to him and gave it to him."

"We're still not where we need to be. But I'm telling you, we played today. They just played better. We were fortunate to win. I'm happy we won."

"(During the timeout), I was contemplating fouling, but the team convinced me not to. If we had done that, we would have trapped. They would have taken their time in bringing the ball up, and we would foul because they had no more timeouts left. If they missed it, we had timeouts. I decided against it because four of them were in my face saying `No, don't foul.' And then they almost make the three. They didn't, but if I had to do it over again, I probably would have fouled No. 14 (Sai'Quon Stone) as he brought it up the court."

Southern Miss Head Coach Larry Eustachy

"In the first half, we had a situation where the crowd and momentum changed. We totally unraveled and could not get to the locker room fast enough. I thought the team responded well at halftime. Then we came into the same scenario in the second half and we didn't unravel."

"This game was closer than three points in my opinion. I give Memphis credit. (Jeremy) Hunt hit a huge shot against the zone. (Andre) Allen hit a huge shot. You've got to give those two guys credit. What we wanted to happen happened. We just didn't think we could stop their bigger perimeter guys. "

"How are we going to handle this? Are we going to be happy we played with Memphis? After the Alabama game, we were just excited we played with Alabama. So are we going to be happy when they tell us in Hattiesburg what a great game we played, or are we going to put this game behind us and play the biggest game of the year Wednesday against a similar type of team in UTEP?"

"I think John (Calipari) has a tough task keeping a team going when they've won so many games in a row. John did a terrific job down the end making some decisions. I think Memphis is just getting better and better and better."

"We've finally got to turn the corner and realize these are games we need to win. We have to put this game behind us and look forward."

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