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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Post Game Quotes

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari

"It was ugly the first five minutes of the game. After that, it wasn't ugly. I thought we played really well. (In the beginning), I was really disappointed. It wasn't just CDR (Chris Douglas-Roberts) being hurt. We just played like `I'm a cool dude.' We can't play that way and win. We just said, `Then you're not playing. We'll just play somebody else.'"

"We had some guys come in and play well. What about Doneal Mack today? Forget about his shots. Did you see him jump and get that rebound in traffic? He has not done that all year. I told Chris Douglas-Roberts, `You better worry about your position right now if that kid plays like that.' Jeremy Hunt did what he does. Andre Allen did what he does. Willie Kemp came back in and made some shots. I think Kareem (Cooper) did some half decent stuff. He still doesn't play at the level of the game yet. That's why they're scrimmaging and going after each other, so that we can get them to do that."

"I'm happy for Robert Dozier. I'm like, `Robert, that's what you should be. Now let's try to get better.' He's playing well. Antonio Anderson's the same thing. Antonio at Southern Miss making those two threes, especially the second one. That was big. Now, I think he did some good things today, making shots for his team. The reason we're shooting at a high percentage is because we're making the extra passes. The ball is getting all over the place, and they're so wide open it's almost like they think I can't miss this. There's nobody near me. That's because we're throwing the extra passes. This team (UAB) played a slower game, and we still scored 79."

UAB Head Coach Mike Davis

"We started out playing good basketball for the first five minutes and then played passive offensively and defensively. We had a game plan to be in the gaps and stop penetration and take charges off them driving the ball to the basket. We knew we had to get back defensively, and in transition, we had guys jogging down the court. We did not take a charge the whole game."

"We did not execute a play at all. Maybe (we ran) one or two (plays) throughout the game, but I don't understand how we work on stuff at full speed and just came out with a `deer-in-the-headlights' kind of look. Once Memphis tied it up 17-17, it was their basketball game at that point on."

"Our guys were intimidated tonight. We did not block out and take charges and did not get into position to take charges. We knew, from a shooting standpoint, they had guys that were not great shooters, but we guarded real close and let them drive on us, and that was us not concentrating on the game plan. There was no reason for those guys to drive us."

"We have to make some free throws. We shot 35 percent from the free throw line, and that tells you the whole story. It's time for some guys to make some free throws. We got guys that acted like they have never been there before."

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