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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cal and Wojcik's Comments on Memphis vs Tulsa Game

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari

"It's a good win for us. We're still trying to get guys to understand to play harder than the guys we're playing against. But that's the challenge we have in front of us -- to see if we can become special."

"Kareem Cooper in the second half tried to play harder than the other guy instead of just being out there. We had other guys who don't understand what it means to compete, and they still do fine. We need to try and compete against us, not the other team. Let's compete against us and what we're trying to do. You know when you're not going hard and when you have an attitude. Just cut it out and let's go."

"I thought Willie (Kemp) was way better. What we did with Willie is we showed him highlights we had cut out with some music and showed him how he's been playing this year. It's been pretty darn good for a freshman, especially against Kentucky and Cincinnati. I could name six or seven games (he played well in). He saw the pace he was playing. It wasn't out of control; he wasn't hurried. He was just playing. I think we did a couple of things, and I think it helped him. It calmed him a little bit."

"We still have a ways to go. It was a good win against a pretty good team as the league kind of shakes out. This team played us and it was a slower game. We still scored 72."

Tulsa Head Coach Doug Wojcik

"We won the war on the boards, and I'm proud of that. We really hustled. I told the team, 'I loved 19 offensive rebounds, but how about five more made baskets.' In terms of shooting the basketball better, we shot the ball very well from the three."

"(Ray) Reese is playing incredibly well. Ben (Uzoh) played a lot of minutes. He didn't shoot the ball great, but he still gets himself a double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Mark Hill is a work in progress. I want him to stop driving toward the baseline. He gets himself in a lot of trouble there, and we lose floor bounds and give up lay-ups at the other end."

"If we eliminate some of those turnovers and those easy baskets, our defense guarded (and the result could have been different). They shoot 39 percent from the three, and they shoot 69 from the free-throw line. They have 12 blocked shots, and we're a pretty good shot blocking team, but they got their hands on so many balls it's just incredible."

"We're learning, and at the end of the game, we have two sophomores and three freshman on the floor. I'm proud of that although I just want better results. It's three games we've lost now, and we have to turn it around come Saturday."

"Memphis is very athletic. (Joey) Dorsey could be in the NFL instead of the NBA. Robert Dozier is a good player and a touch match-up for Charles Ramsdell."

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