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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Tiger MVP So Far This Season

It was interesting to read other people's opinion on who or even if the Tigers have an MVP on this team.

I'm an analytical guy, so I tend to look at the numbers a lot (the science), but I also think you have to watch how a guy leads his team, makes smart, heads-up plays, provides energy or a spark when the team needs it (the art).

The obviously selections are either CDR or Jeremy Hunt. Noone else is really even close. To me a very distant 3rd would be Antonio Anderson, but I personally think he is having a sub-par year. Dozier might even be ahead of Anderson (but I'm still so disturbed that Robert was Missing In Action in Tucson for the Arizona game).

Anyway, to me the race between CDR and Jeremy is so close that it seems like a virtual tie. But, I'll go ahead and give my vote to Jeremy for the first 13 games of the season.

CDR leads in minutes 28.2 vs. 22.9, but that is understandable since Jeremy is the Tiger's 6th man. Once you time adjust all of the statistics, it appears to give Jeremy a slight edge over CDR and I believe Jeremy provides leadership, energy, intensity and better defense than sophomore CDR.

CDR leads in FG% 55.2% vs. 44.0%, but Jeremy is first on the team in 3 point FG% at 38.2% (29 3's). FT% edge goes to CDR 70.4% vs. 66.7%, Rebounds goes to CDR 4.6/rpg vs. 3.2/rpg, Assists are basically a tie, CDR 27, Hunt 25, but with less minutes. Turnovers are tied 21 to 21, but again CDR has played 69 more minutes. Blocks are even 6 to 5. Jeremy Hunt leads in steals 22 to 11. CDR leads in points per game, 15.8 vs. 13.0.


g said...

your points are well taken. hunt is a steady, hardworking senior.

i wanted to post/ask something "before" you commented on the UC game.

the appeal makes a big deal about the tigers effort in this game. but basketball requires two teams on the court.

i wonder why nobody sees or understands the fact that the tigers' performance (the shooting, the passing, the rebounding, the scoring) against a less than stellar team, would and should be better.

isn't it obvious?

i think uc would have a hard time winning in division II this year.

Coach said...


I think your right. I only caught the last 15 minutes last night since I was traveling, so I won't see the entire tape until tonight.

From what I have seen and read, you can be encouraged by the outside shooting of Kemp and Hunt. While Cincy is the worst of the Big East, we could have just as easily missed the majority of those shots and the game would have been much different.

I think Cal has to figure out how to make this team better while playing inferior competition in league play. As I said before, can the Tigers win all four quarters of a game, not just the game itself. We know Memphis will most likely beat Tulane and Rice, but will they beat them in all phases, throughout the entire game? Will they avoid scoring lapses, defensive breakdowns? Will the outside shooting, free throw shooting improve?

I'm very happy to beat the hell out of Cincy, but can they do that every night?

g said...

yes it was nice to see hunt and kemp hitting those open threes. as coach cal says, if you are open, take the shot.

but they were w-i-d-e open, as in "no-defender" and that's just not what we will see against the UCLAs of the land.

Coach said...

Your right. Unfortunately, I'm not sure we'll see any decent defensive teams until March.