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Monday, January 08, 2007

My Commentary on the Cincinnati Game

Sorry for the late post. We got a new puppy on Saturday afternoon. I've barely slept since. Nice little guy, but cries ALL night. what can you say? Memphis could almost do no wrong while the Bearcats really aren't very good. It was almost like watching the Tennessee vs. Memphis game from the other side. The only difference was Memphis was making wide open jumpers while Chris Lofton of Tennesssee made ridiciously hard shots while being fairly well guarded. I think teams get a bit shocked, and then it is really quite over. I think Cincinnati knew they weren't in the Tigers' league (no pun intended) and when they looked up and saw they were down by 20 they just said, "let's just get this over with and catch the next flight back to Cincy."

I was highly encouraged by the 3 point shooting of Kemp and Hunt. The two of them finished 12 of 16. However, not to be out done, the rest of the team was 0 of 12. Come on Tigers that's awful.

There were some great performances (Kemp, Hunt and Dozier). There were some solid efforts (Dorsey and Anderson). And there were some sub-par performances (Allen, Cooper).

Robert Dozier is certainly someone who has earned his wrath from me this season. I was thrilled by his complete game (5 of 7 FGs, 3 of 3 FTs, 8 RBs, 1 Ast, 1 TO and 1 BLK). He haD some really good post moves. Yes, Cincy is small, but I was very encouraged by Dozier. He is improving and I thought he was aggressive, which we need in the post.

I was ok with Joey Dorsey in this one. I'm concerned by 4 turnovers in 27 minutes, but 10 rebounds combined with 3 of 3 FGs will work. Unfortunately, Kareem Cooper looked very slow in this game. I'm surprised a guy with such good hands can get stripped of the ball like he does.

I know your all just waiting for my next comment and here it is...........Andre Allen is terrible. Excluding the driving lay up down the center lane he made after the Tigers whipped the ball around the horn a few times, he sucked. The guy is so volatile. 3 turnovers and 3 assists in 13 minutes. If he'd just quit shooting the jumpers I could accept him. If he doesn't take the 3 point shots in this game, he finishes 1 of 2 FGs, 1 of 2 FTs, 2 RBs, 3 Ast, 3 TOs. But, no he has to take three 3 pointers to finish 1 of 5.

You probably think I over react about Allen, but the numbers speak for themselves. For the season he is 21 of 64 (32.8%) from the field. It gets worse; 6 of 26 (23.1%)from 3 point range. That is worse than CDR, Hunt, Dozier, Kemp and Mack. Only Antonio Anderson is worse among the 9 man rotation. And the rest of Antonio Anderson's game is several steps above Allen's. Does he have energy, spark? Yes. Thank goodness he adds something.

Speaking of Antonio Anderson. Let's look at his season. I know the guy has been in a real shooting slump this season (actually, save the Cincy game from his freshman season and the guy has never shot the ball well since coming to Memphis), but he knows how to contribute in other ways.

Season Numbers - 14 games, 40-102 FGs (39.2%), 11-49 3 Pt FG (22.4%), 27-41 FTs (65.9%), 62 RBs (4.43/game), 55 Assists (3.93/game), 20 Turnovers (1.43/game) and 26 Steals (1.86/game).

He has a 2.75 Assist to Turnover ratio which easily leads the team. He also leads the team in game average at 3.93.

Anderson 55/20 - 2.75 ratio
Kemp 44/24 - 1.83 ratio
Allen 47/26 - 1.81 ratio
CDR 28/22 - 1.27 ratio
Hunt 25/21 - 1.19 ratio
Mack 10/10 - 1.00 ratio

While your wondering, here are the worst

Dorsey 4/32 - 0.125 ratio
Cooper 2/11 - 0.182 ratio
Dozier 17/28 - 0.607 ratio

In steals, Anderson leads the team at 1.86/game. That places him outside the nation's top 50 (2.2/game to make the top 50), but is very respectable. By the way, Oliver Lafayette leads C-USA with 2.4/game.

About a week ago, I said that Jeremy Hunt got the nod from my for team MVP for the first part of the season. His performance on Thursday clearly moved him even a bit higher than CDR for me.

Look at Jeremy's season shooting the ball.

62 of 133 FGs (46.6%)
35 of 83 3 Pt FGs (42.2%)
34 of 49 FTs (69.4%)

Jeremy is ranked #62 in 3 point FG percentage in the NCAA (minimum 2.5 per game).

See you next week.

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