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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Picture Collection of Tennessee Fans


Anonymous said...

I remember when then MSU lost two super-primo HS basketball players to the SEC, 1969 recruiting season. Johhny Neumann Overton and Walter Rucker CBHS. Neumann went on to lead the SEC in scoring in his frosh year, Rucker the better percentage shooter and ball handler, state leader in free throw percentages, took off for Tennessee. Two local homer traitors. The Larry Finch led #2 in the nation in '72 would have evenly competed with Bill Walton's UCLA. Instead we ended up with Bill Laurie and no bench:(


Anonymous said...

I played with Walter Rucker and against Johnny Neumann (and Finch and the Robinson brothers). We had a football OL line coach running the BBall program in 67-69 and he had no idea how to use Rucker's skills. Except when he needed to shut down Neumann who was averaging 30+ppg before the 3point line was invented.

Then enter the clown Will Carruthers of the Press Scimitar local news who reported that both were going to accept scholarships to Memphis State. A lie which was born from the fact that Carruthers' best friend was Rucker's high school sweetheart father (later married) who claimed inside info.

That was the end of that for both of them. Neumann went to Ole Miss where they free tuitioned his HS sweetie and Rucker to UT, with his HS sweetheart, to never play again.

Jack Kelly
Center CBHS '68

Anonymous said...

Walter Rucker, Mike Vosburgh and Johnny Neumann were TRAITORS who would have made the 1972-3 Tigers NATIONAL CHAMPIONS if they had stayed where they belonged. So what that the drunk newspaperman Carruthers hyped them up, that's was his job.

They left because they didn't give a damn about us.

Johnny said...

This post and a Google search led me here. I am Johnny Neumann. and I am here to set the record straight. I worked as an usher at Memphis State games in the Mid-South Coliseum. I was underage, paid in cash, even when I did not show up for -work-. This is when I began to distrust Memphis State.

The stories above are true. Walter Rucker invited me to a meeting with Larry Finch and other players where Larry Mansfield who played at Tennessee did recruit us. Tennessee did not offer to pay any expenses, or any perks, or free tuition for my GF so they were out. I accepted a scholarship to Ole Miss which included free tuition for my then GF...and other perks.

I would have really enjoyed playing with Larry Finch and we would have without any doubt won a Natty there.

Regarding my lost friend Walter Rucker. I was playing baseball to showcase my athletic abilities. Throw R, Hit L. Rucker is this elite super SS and I'm no real baseball player so I slap the ball at him because he's playing on the edge of the grass in the outfield. First time, I almost was safe. He plays deeper. 2nd time, almost safe. Last time, I get thrown out by 5 feet. He says "Johnny, you may make a fortune at basketball but you need to give this game up."

Just to verify who I am. I bought the first Pantera from Lincoln-Mercury Memphis dealership...and Rucker bought the 2nd one.