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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Final Verdict on Tennessee-Memphis Game...Not Impressive

Final Verdict on Tennessee-Memphis Game...Not Impressive
submitted by droppinbombs

If you watched tonight's game featuring the #1 and #2 teams in the nation, you're probably thinking the same thing I am. These are the top two teams in the country? Maybe the best in the state of Tennessee. Calipari and Pearl better get their boys playing smarter, more fluid, fundamental basketball come tournament time. No way will this performance be good enough against UCLA, UNC, Duke, Stanford, Kansas, Georgetown, UCONN, WSU, or Texas in late March.

Dan Shulman summed it up best when telling his broadcast partner, Dicky V "you probably shoot better free throws in your suit and loafers without any warm-ups."

Memphis shot 41% from the line and under 40% from the field. Tennesse wasn't any better from the field, shooting 37%. At least they showed better than Shaq-like touch from the line, going 12-18. Even uglier were the sloppy turnovers and out-of-control guard play (besides Derrick Rose). I thought both teams were supposed to have the best athletes in the nation? All I saw were guys panting for air, unable to keep up with the frantic tempo.

Besides freshman phenom, Derrick Rose, nobody stepped it up for the Tigers. CDR is a solid player but too often he plays out-of-control. Dorsey lacks discipline and poise and has zero offensive game. Despite their loss to Tennessee, I still like Memphis better.

As for the Volunteers, the point-guard play was awful. They looked lost on offense and could barely bring the ball up the floor. Without the three Smiths and the spark from freshman, Prince, Tennessee would not have escaped with the W. Lofton was invisible out there, until the 2nd half when he was throwing up prayer fade-away 3s. More and more each day he reminds me of a poor man's J.J. Redick. Even the slow, pasty ex-Dookie could create his shot easier than Chris.

Neither coach did a very good job managing the game. Obviously Pearl did a little better than Calipari. Maybe I haven't seen these two teams play enough, but I'd say both are overrated. It's possible that both played great defense limiting each other's opportunities and forcing the sloppy turnovers. Still, I don't see either squad making it past the Elite 8 and only their high seeds will get them to the Sweet 16.

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