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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tuesday (1/1) update

Tuesday (1/1) update
Posted by Dan Wolken

- As the Tigers were starting practice at FedExForum, Cincinnati was finishing off a 58-57 upset over Louisville in Freedom Hall. Cincinnati, obviously is an improved squad from last year — you could see that in how well they played against Memphis — but this is still a huge surprise. In the Big East, Cincinnati at home is one of the few games you should have in the bag. Louisville better make some hay in its next six league games — vs. West Virginia, @Rutgers, vs. Marquette, @Seton Hall, @South Florida, vs. St. John’s — because it only gets tougher from there. I imagine Louisville will put together enough wins to make the NCAA Tournament. Probably as something like a 9 seed. Perhaps in Little Rock? Could be interesting, assuming Memphis is the No. 1 seed in that sub-regional…

- Pierre Niles has looked good two days in a row. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s paper for more info…

- Hashim Bailey sat out with a strained pectoral muscle. Apparently, it was a weight room injury. He’s out indefinitely, not that it has a major impact on the Tigers’ rotation. He has only appeared in five games.

- Tigers missed a lot of jump shots Tuesday, though both Doneal Mack and Willie Kemp shot the ball pretty well.

- White Station junior forward Farrakohn Hall watched the Tigers practice. He’s a top-75 player nationally.

- Memphis should not take Siena lightly. Coach John Calipari stressed over and over that Siena is right around 65th in the RPI and has already beaten Stanford. He said it could be a lot like the Winthrop game two years ago, which was very competitive.

Posted Tuesday, January 1st, 2008 at 8:21 pm

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