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Monday, January 14, 2008

Memphis Falls to #2 in RPI, Moves Up to #2 in Pomeroy - #1 in Nation in Defense

Memphis has given up the top spot in the RPI to North Carolina based on the Marshall game and the Oklahoma loss at home to Kansas State.

While I doubt Memphis will regain the top spot through the rest of the season, I also doubt they will fall below the top 5 which is all that is really important.

On another note, the Tigers have moved up considerably in Ken Pomeroy's rankings to #2 behind the Kansas Jayhawks. Memphis' move has been on the strength of their defense which is now ranked #1 nationally.


dsmith87 said...

Saw the comment below from OK on Yahoo Sports. Let's prove them wrong!

Oklahoma has a good perspective on the three nation's unbeaten teams, having played two of them. The Sooners lost to No. 2 Memphis 63-53 on Nov. 15.

"I think (the Jayhawks) are better," Capel said. "They are the best team we've played and we have played some really good teams. They are so balanced. They shoot better than Memphis. They are bigger. They are probably equally as good in transition but this team passes the ball better.

"I don't think it's close, this is the best team in the country."

Coach said...

I watched Kansas completely dismantle Oklahoma in Lawrence the other night. They are very, very good.

I'm not ready to hand them the crown, but they will be tough to beat.