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Wednesday, January 09, 2008's Seth Davis - Buy, sell, or hold

Buy, sell, or hold
Predicting whose stock will rise and whose will fall
Posted: Tuesday January 8, 2008 12:25PM

We know what has happened in the world of college basketball thus far. But with the conference season under way, what will the future hold?

The answer is provided below in the annual Hoop Thoughts Stock Report (HTSR). Once again, the idea of this exercise is to project where a team is headed relative to its current position. That position is defined by its record, its ranking and that amorphous, subjectively defined animal we call "buzz."

The operative word here is relative. I'm more concerned with where teams are headed than where they are. So just because I rate Team A a Sell and Team B a Buy, that does not necessarily mean I think Team B is better than Team A. You dig?

I selected a HTSR-record 30 teams for this year's ratings. I wanted a healthy helping outside the Top 25, so my apologies if your favorite team wasn't included. Also, as promised, I'm going to start to include my AP ballot every week in this space. Feel free to have at me.

So without further ado, grab your wallets, Hoop Thinkers, and get ready to do some trading:

Memphis: BUY

I'm usually skeptical that a team can go undefeated (and frankly wouldn't recommend it), but the Tigers have already survived the hard part of their schedule without a blemish. Right now, I'd give them a 50-50 chance to go into the NCAA tournament without a loss.

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