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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Memphis Tigers' Keys to Success

The Memphis Tigers' Keys to Success
by Ethan Carman (Contributor)

The Memphis Tigers have a lot of things going for them.

They are undefeated, they've gone to the Sweet 16 two years in a row, they have the second-longest active home winning streak in the country, and above all that, they're #2 in the polls.

The problem? That's not enough.

You see, the Tigers made it to the Sweet 16 two years ago and the Elite 8 last year, but no further (ACTUALLY, MEMPHIS MADE IT TO THE ELITE EIGHT IN EACH OF THE LAST TWO YEARS, ED).

Coach John Calipari wants more—a championship. The question is, how? Why won't they come up short again?

Well, there are a few factors in play this year that will help crown the Tigers champs.

For one, after two years of success, the Tigers have their fans invested in the team. Every home game they double the attendance brought in by the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies.

In addition, Memphis has a tougher schedule, which will better prepare them for the postseason. The strength of their opponents will result in closer victories, which will help them to pull through in close games down the road.

Finally, the North Carolina Tar Heels, currently #1, are going to stay number #1—which is what the Tigers need.

Last year the Tigers were #1 for a short stretch before the end of the year, and it spoiled them. This was a large factor in their loss to Ohio State in the Elite 8.

This year the Tigers are older, stronger, faster, more experienced, and better prepared.

This year Coach Calipari's wishes will be granted, and this year the tigers will be Champs.

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