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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The case against Tulsa grows

The case against Tulsa grows
Posted by Dan Wolken

Anybody else catch this article in the Tulsa World detailing a postgame rant by coach Doug Wojcik about fan apathy at Tulsa games? According to the article, the actual crowd for a game against Mississippi Valley State was about 2,500, and Wojcik was ticked off. I don’t blame him. Tulsa should be a better program than that. Though I wouldn’t pretend to know what a good crowd should be for Tulsa, there has to be more interest in that town.

I’m sure the fans are telling Wojcik that they’d come if the team was better, and that’s understandable. Wojcik is building the program back up from nothing, and he’s doing a good job. But Tulsa isn’t an NCAA Tournament team this season, and they’re probably not going to be an NCAA Tournament team next season. So if that’s the standard, then maybe Conference USA should reconsider the ridiculous decision to bring the league tournament to Tulsa in 2009. The local interest right now just isn’t there. It’s going to be an absolute embarrassment to the conference if it happens.

And no, UTEP fans, the league tournament doesn’t belong in El Paso. (Believe me, I’m reading your e-mails). For now, keep it in Memphis. It’s the only solution that makes sense.

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