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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Short Summary on the Arizona Game

In a game very similar to last weeks Georgetown game in regards to the Tigers lulls and defense, Memphis defeated a Jerryd Bayless-less Arizona team, 76-63.

While the Tigers did not look particularly sharp, a sufficating defense over the last ten minutes of the first half held Arizona scoreless for approximately eight minutes and allowed the Tigers to reverse a three point deficit and build a double digit lead into half time.

It felt like Derrick Rose committed about ten turnovers, but the play of Shawn Taggard and Robert Dozier was excellent and allowed Memphis to control the glass and put the short-hand Wildcats in foul trouble.

Memphis got a solid game from CDR, but not much else from the guards.

More later..............


Anonymous said...


One of the main reasons that CDR had a "solid" game was, uh, DERICK ROSE!!!

go back and look at some of the amazing assists that he had that totally changed the game. The tigers, with the exception of Dorsey, played a fantastic game...

so whats with the negative attitude?!

Ropheka said...

NICE Blog :)