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Thursday, December 13, 2007

As If It Wasn't Hard Enough to Watch

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As If It Wasn't Hard Enough to Watch

I was going to write my thoughts on last night's big Memphis-USC game because it was an interesting game in terms of the big picture of college hoops and there were not two but three, 2008 lottery picks (do NOT sleep on Davon Jefferson). But I've been reminded this morning why I don't write game summaries or recaps on this site: Because they are f***ing EVERYWHERE. In case you want your mind to be overcome by Roses and Mayos and Triangle-and-Twos and Floyds and Caliparis and Dickie Vs and Jimmy Vs and Sloppiness and Slothiness, here are your Memphis-USC recaps. Choose your weapon wisely.

Luke Winn at "Man that game was sloppy, Rose and Mayo are pretty good, but not in that game, man that OJ Mayo is popular."

Gary Parrish at CBS Sportsline- "Man that game was sloppy, those guys couldn't even shoot! How bout that triangle and two! Jeez!"

Someone named Heather Dinich at "Man that game was sloppy, Rose and Mayo were pretty inconsistent, but they are still great! John Calipari was certainly perplexed."

Mike DeCourcy at Sporting News- "Man that game was sloppy, Memphis really got a test though and USC showed a lot, how bout that triangle and two! Jeez!"

The freaking Chicago Tribune(?!)- "Man that game was sloppy, the Rose-Mayo showdown could've been better, but this isn't about individuals!"

The AP- "Man that game was sloppy, Calipari even said so! Those teams couldn't even shoot! But at least it was close!"

The New York Times- "Man that game was sloppy, it was all slow and stuff, Mayo and Rose didn't even play that well!"

And so on and so on and so on... That doesn't even include the avalanche of local coverage in Memphis and LA which probably said the same exact thing. It's almost like they were afraid to give a different perspective for a game with so much hype because it wouldn't have been obvious enough. "Everyone was excited for the game, the game wasn't too exciting, can there be an easier storyline?!" I thought the hype leading up to the game was justified and that it was actually a pretty entertaining game with great defense, great coaching, an unselfish, team-oriented approach from Rose and Mayo and two talented, young teams trying to fight through bad shooting, little time for preparation, some not-quite-there-yet chemistry and the pressure from all the hype to get a tough, important win. But where I thought Rose and Mayo would prove bigger than the game, it turned out to be two guys with even bigger profiles and egos that put their names on the marquee, John Calipari and Tim Floyd.

But um, yeah, I'm not going to talk about the game or anything.

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