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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey Readers, Do You Want Objective Analysis or a Bias Homer?

Ok, here is the deal. I tell it like I see it. I seriously doubt that anyone who reads this blog is a bigger Memphis Tigers fan than am I. I think being a season ticker holder for 25+ years gives me that and I think maintaining this blog (which takes a lot of my personal time) also shows what type of fan I am.

So, when you read something I say and disagree that is fine. I hope that you will comment and provide another opinion, but please don't say I'm being negative. I am simply pointing out areas of weakness.

Were the Tigers perfect last night? I think not. In my comment last night I merely pointed out that the Tigers had periods of lull just as they did against Georgetown and I thought it seemed like Derrick Rose had about 10 turnovers. Well, in fact, he did have six turnovers. I thought he was out of control several times and may be, just perhaps, is trying to go just a little too fast.

I seriously doubt that readers of this blog want some HOMER, who only praises the Tigers and never thinks they make a mistake. Well, a real fan can be objective too.

I am a student of the game and a coach - hence the name "Coach".

How many of you think that Memphis was perfect last night? Who thinks the Tigers would have beaten every team in America last night? Hey, I'm very happy they won that game and America will forget that Jerryd Bayless didn't play just like they forgot that CDR had the flu in Tucson last year.


Mark Daniels said...


The only reason I read your blog, is due to the fact that you are a fan and give UNBIASED reviews. Do I agree all the time? - Well, 95% of the time :-) . Maybe it's the coach in both of us - to be a bit more "individually" critical. It is only because as coaches, we strive for perfection.

I was curious, if you had any insight on any videos or manuscripts describing in detail the AASAA offense?

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