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Saturday, December 29, 2007

On Tyreke Evans

On Tyreke Evans
Posted by Dan Wolken

There is a good story in this morning’s Philadelphia Daily News with more information on the shooting involving Tigers recruit Tyreke Evans, which came to light last weekend.

It appears as though authorities have now ruled out a charge against Tyreke Evans, who was driving the car from which gunshots were fired on Nov. 25, killing a 19-year old in the Philadelphia area. The shooter, Jamar Evans (Tyreke’s cousin), has turned himself into authorities.

My sources have indicated that this incident won’t have an impact on the Tigers’ recruitment of Evans, assuming the situation is as it appears to be. But certainly, whichever program gets Evans will take a public relations hit and have some questions to answer. Though Evans may not have been directly involved in the crime, he clearly got caught up in the middle of gang-related activity, which brings up a whole set of issues that must be addressed by both Evans and the program he goes to.

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