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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Luke Winn's Top 15 Backcourts (Memphis #2)

Derrick Rose, Willie Kemp (pictured), Chris Douglas-Roberts, Antonio Anderson, Andre Allen, Doneal Mack

A talented crew, already five deep, added the country's top prep point guard, Derrick Rose. He'll pilot an offense that should once again shred Conference USA -- and this time get the Tigers into the Final Four. Never mind the apparent logjam at the point, either: Rose is going to start from Day One of what may be his only year under John Calipari.


George said...

It's certainly going to be an interesting year. I look for the "starting five" to be Rose, Anderson, CDR, Dozier and Dorsey, and when Joey gets into foul trouble immediately, in comes Tagggert.

The big questions in my mind are whether Pierre Niles has lost enough weight to earn any playing time, and who the five wrap-up guys are going to be. Hashim, Chance, and who else?

Calipari has unusual options this year. Jeff Robinson can spot CDR. Kemp can come in for 3 point opportunities. Andre Allen can come in to give spark. Rose could play through it all, getting big minutes.

I look for the following breakdown in the "backcourt" in average minutes played per game.

Anderson 27
CDR 26
Rose 26
Kemp 14
Allen 12
Robinson 8
Mack 7

Coach said...

I think your generally dead on, but I'd give Mack more minutes probably coming two each from Kemp, Allen and Robinson.

I just believe Mack's 3 point shooting will be critical unless one of the starters really picks it up from the outside.

If your a guard other than Rose, Anderson and CDR, I think you'll need to be hitting 3's consistently to get playing time at the 2 or 3 position.

George said...

i think you're right that cal is going to be looking for 3-pt shooters. especially now that Hunt has gone on.

thing is, i believe Kemp has been working on that shot over the summer, and Robinson is gifted from that range.

Mack, Kemp and Robinson could all hover at around 40% from beyond the arc.

Coach said...

If the Tigers get three different shooters registering 40%+ from 3 point, I don't think they can be beaten. Last year you could exploit the Tigers poor shooting on the nights when Joey Dorsey was sitting on the bench and the opposing team could post a big body on Dozier and neutralize him. They were vulnerable to this - see Tennessee game (if you can watch without getting sick).

If the Tigers can get 6 3-pointers a game from players other than Rose, CDR and Anderson they will not be beaten.