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Monday, October 01, 2007

From ncaahoopstoday - Scouting the Jordan Classic

Sunday, September 30, 2007
Preparing for 2007-2008: Scouting the Jordan Classic

This was a fun game to watch. The defense did not get in the way of the offense, but it wasn't just that, it was good offense too! It was a highly entertaining game, and it was a close game too.

There was some naming confusion, there were two players named Chris Wright, and two of them with the last name Lucas. No relation.

The yellow/gold team had a dream-team perimeter with Derrick Rose, Eric Gordon and Corey Fisher. Wow! Rose once again had a solid game as a point guard but he was also able to be effective playing off the ball. Gordon showed off defense which Kelvin Sampson will put to good use at Oklahoma Indiana and he used his strength on offense as well. Being a co-point guard with Rose, Fisher did play mostly under control.

The Georgetown guard duo had a good game, both Chris Wright and Austin Freeman played to their strengths. Jimmy Dykes went crazy here saying that Chris Wright will be the best point guard of this class. He said it, he is on record, not me! Freeman, who looks like he is in his 30s is going to be a solid Big East guard, he is basketball savvy, skilled and mature and has a good size. If Jeff Green had stayed...

Given the offensive nature of the game, and how well they played, most of the players had their good moments. Jeff Robinson (going to Memphis) had a scoring spree inside and out, and that is what's going to get him playing time for the Tigers. Because Calipari has six guards/wings but only 120 minutes. And that's not counting Jeff Robinson. So he has to earn/grab the PT by making outside shots and doing what the existing Tigers cannot do. That means that he will likely play some four in order to accomodate PT for all the guards/wings. Robinson is way too good to redshirt.

Kyle Singler showed his versatility and talent, unlike the Roundball classic. Despite him committing to Duke, Singler is going to be a very solid player with a good chance of making good money in the NBA. Providing he ejects quickly and does not get drained by Coach Dracula K.

Patrick Patterson had yet another signature PP game, making his presence felt on defense, and on the boards and using his anticipation/sense of the game to be effective.

The Florida wings, Chandler Parsons and Nick not-a-point-guard Calathes showed promise but they also have a lot of work to do. They will become part of the foundation for Billy Donovan's next big team. And he will be there to see them through since he can't go back to the NBA in the next few years after his Orlando Tragic ejection.

Kosta "I'm not Oden" Koufos showed some promise as well, some of the offense is there, but he needs more work as well.

The two Big East versatile forwards had good games as well, Durell Summers and Donta Greene. They should both be contributors right away on both sides of the floor.

There were three power-players that did well: Gary Johnson, who unfortunately for him and Texas-Austin he won't play this season showed why he could have had a PJ Tucker-like impact on the team. A strong power-player. But if all goes well, he may return to action in 2008-2009. Blake Griffin had a ballerina on steroids pirouette (sp?) moment in the paint and that was very effective in scoring and clearing out the paint! Chris Wright had a couple of spectacular dunks and he is going to be showcasing them on a nightly basis with Jon Stewart's Dayton Flyers. It looks like Ohio schools are on a major uptick, with Matta's Ohio State, Xavier, and now Dayton getting a top 50 recruit to stay home.

The two Lucas guards had an okay game, but perhaps I didn't pay too much attention to them. Bayless showed what his potential range could be, an effective scoring lead guard, or someone who hasn't met a shot he didn't like. Arizona is where he (and we) will find out.

Last but not least, the starting point guard Jeffrey Jordan. On a totally unrelated note, he is Michael Jordan's son. Which is why he was selected for the game and why he got the starting job. And that's why Rose and Fisher were put on the same team, to make room for Jeffrey to get the starting nod. Conspiracy theory or not? You decide. The ESPN guys of course were singing Jeffrey's praises. When was the last time an invited walk-on made an all-star game? Answer that!

Perhaps a bit prophetic, one fan had signs inviting "Pat and Jai come to UK". That fans wish partially came true as Pat(rick) Patterson and Jai Lucas both committed later on to Billy Gillispie and Kentucky. (Thanks for the correction!)

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