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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Comments on the Posh Club Fight Night

Warning - reading the reader comments on the website for the Memphis Commercial Appeal today regarding the main articles on Joey Dorsey, the fight and arrests on Beal Street of Shawn Taggart and Jeff Robertson can and will make you sick to your stomach.

1) As a life long Memphian it is sickening to read such garbage.

2) Yes, people take athletics way too far. It is just a game. No one wants to see the University of Memphis win a national title more than me, but there are much more serious things in life.

3) To read the obvious hatred and jealous comments of fans from other area schools is amazing.

4) The mind is a terrible thing to waste - see afore mentioned reader comments for examples of people with little to no education.

5) As always racism seems to creep into to every topic in Memphis. Get over it people. We all bleed red. Who gives a crap about what color your skin is?

1 comment:

George said...

i don't think i'm going to read the comments on the appeal website. thanks for the warnings.

if dorsey was involved as deeply as geoff says he was in the beale street incident, coach cal should suspend him for the year. the whole year. postseason as well.