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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Former Tiger and Current Indiana Pacer Shawne Williams Arrested for Drug Possession (Nice Job Shawne, Way to Screw Up a Good Thing)
Police statement on Williams arrest

“Early this morning, September 11th, at approximately 12:45 a.m., IMPD Officer Danny Reynolds, was patrolling the area of W 29th Street and Martin Luther King Drive, when he observed a 2007 black Cadillac with expired Tennessee license plates commit a traffic infraction.

“He activated his emergency equipment and the vehicle continued through the light, turning eastbound and later stopped in the 800 block of W 29th Street.

“As Officer Reynolds approached the driver’s window, which was already rolled down, he could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana. He asked the driver, Shawne Williams, for his license. Williams produced a Tennessee identification card, not having a license to operate the vehicle.

”He was asked if there were any weapons in the car, which Williams answered there were not.

“All of the windows were extremely darkly tinted, so Officer Reynolds requested Williams to roll down the back window for the officer’s safety. Upon doing so, Officer Reynolds was able to see a handle of a handgun sticking out of a pocket in the rear seat of the vehicle.

“The rear seat passenger, Roderick Helton, a 32 year old male, tried to cover the gun with his knees, but Officer Reynolds told Helton to place his hands on his head and Reynolds recovered the weapon.

“Officer Laura Smith had arrived as back up and during the course of the traffic stop, saw in plain view in the front seat ash tray, a blunt, which is what appears to be a cigar containing marijuana.

“Williams stated he did not know the marijuana was in the vehicle even though the odor was easily detected by the officer from outside the vehicle. Williams also stated he did not know there was a weapon in his vehicle.

“The vehicle is registered to Williams and was towed from the scene.

“The front seat passenger, Roosevelt Rollins, a 21 year old male, stated the marijuana was his and was told to by Williams to “shut up.”

“A check on the weapon found in the back seat area, showed the gun was stolen in March of 2006 out of Collierville, TN.

“Williams was arrested for Possession of Marijuana less than 30 grams, A Misdemeanor, Operating Vehicle Never Received License, C Misdemeanor and issued citations for Operating Vehicle With Expired Places and Failure to use Turn Signal During Lane Change.

“Roosevelt Williams was arrested for Possession of Marijuana less than 30 grams, A Misdemeanor and Roderick Helton was arrested for Possession of Handgun, no License, A Misdemeanor and Theft Receiving Stolen Property, D Felony.

“All were transported to APC. Attached is mug shot of Williams. Mug shots of Helton and Rollins are not yet available.”

(Statement released by Indianapolis Metro Police)

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