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Monday, April 10, 2006

My Post About Cal and N.C. State on

The following was a post this afternoon on a tread about Memphis fans being worried about Calipari taking the N.C. State job.


As earlier posts have pointed out Cal is well paid at Memphis, but I can hardly blame a guy for evaluating his options. Every single person who works for a living would do the same. If as a fan you feel "betrayed" by this then get over it. If some headhunter or a competitor calls you and says let's talk about a job, you'd do it. If you won't you are not maximizing your potential as a wage earner or supporting your family.

Remember everything here is RUMOR. No one posting here, or ESPN or the Memphis Commercial Appeal is privy to the inside.

I personally think Cal will stay in Memphis as it is a great job situation for him. He'll get some raise, his assistants will be taken care of, the $2.5 million retention annuity is only four years away, the cost of living in Memphis is below the national average, he is a near-Elvis figure in Memphis (especially after going 33-4 this year), he is the #1 non-BCS coach around (in pay and recognition), the competition in CUSA is below his program, the ACC while tempting is not worth the pressure, and his current players and recruits are strong.

NOTE to HATER, while Cal's 4-3 NCAA record is not impressive in his six years, I believe Cal's recruiting strategy changed when Dajuan Wagner (one year at Memphis), Amare Stoudemire, Qyntel Woods and Kendrick Perkins all went to the NBA. I think Cal decided to avoid the top 10 in each high school class and go for the 15 to 50 type players that would stick around for three years or so. While Shawn Williams may be one and done, the rest are more career (2 and 3 years) type players.

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